Empowering Women to take charge of their own lives

I was feeling quite alone and my self esteem was disappearing very quickly and then I learned about Rose Pellar’s Dream Builder Coaching Program.  I realized I simply had to do something to change my circumstances and so I registered for Dream Builder coaching with Rose.  I am very happy I did.

 I experienced many personal breakthroughs in every session under Rose’s guidance. Her ability to see through my ‘layers’ to recognize all the goodness in me (that quite frankly I had lost sight of some time ago) has both amazed and comforted me. Perhaps, most amazing of all, I am now beginning to recognize and acknowledge them on my own. I am still not where I want to be but I understand it is a life long journey and I am well on my way.  I am happy with the person I am becoming.

 I would truly recommend this program to absolutely anyone who is struggling with any part of their life.

With great admiration,

Debbie L., – Ontario


Thank you so much for being my coach and for your assistance in building my dream life.  I have learned that the point of building a dream is not to get to the end and then start enjoying life; the journey in getting there is part of the gift.  In the process of building my dream life, I achieved a significant change in my self-perception and my level of confidence has improved. 

 Your Dream Builder Coaching Sessions have helped me to reach a higher level of awareness; they have changed the way I look at difficulties and the steps I take to resolve them.  I have gained more insight and the ability to transform negative situations into empowerment in order to make decisions that will be beneficial to me and others.

 Your coaching sessions have made me realize that having believing partners is crucial to achieving success and that it leads to a new way of thinking.  As partners, we are committed to supporting and encouraging each other and our belief is that we are a part of the abundance which already exists in the universe.

 Your Dream Building coaching sessions have helped to improve my life and the way I perceive things.  I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to grow and reach their dream life.

 Helene T. – Toronto, Ontario


The Dream Building program that Rose offers is thought provoking, soul searching, positive and inspirational.

Rose helped me every week we met to dream bigger, keep my path towards my dream, tweak the dream if necessary and keep focused.

The support and encouragement that Rose offers is very uplifting and positive which created for me a safe place to discuss my fears and doubts at times.

I definitely was pushed at times to face my fears, but I felt so confident when I accomplished the task.

The Dream Building program with Rose is definitely an inspirational and encouraging one for everyone to experience.

Thanks Rose,

Deborah A. – Wasaga Beach, Ontario


I began an amazing life change journey with Rose Pellar, Author, Speaker and Life Change Coach who motivated me, as a recent widow, to make incremental steps towards a new life that seemed somewhat unclear to me. When I engaged Rose as my life coach, she helped me to recognize there were significant unfulfilled dreams that my late husband and I had, which were still tugging at my heart. With Rose’s coaching, I have found renewed vigour to accomplish those dreams and I am now completing the Ministry Training Institute program, (a study for lay ministers) and taking courses to hone my writing skills in preparation to writing inspirational articles.

Rose conducted our coaching sessions professionally with integrity and showed that she genuinely cared about me and my needs. She keenly listened to my questions, and concerns and provided wise guidance. Rose has a strong passion in witnessing her clients’ positive transformation.

I am grateful to Rose for the block of twelve weeks I had with her to listen to her insights about the dreams the mind can imagine and conceive which may seem to be impossible dreams, but by faith are very possible.  I am still in the process of completing the steps to achieve my dreams.

With much encouragement from Rose to persevere through life’s tough challenges, I have adapted from her this attitude: “I have accepted the fact that I have control of my life, and whatever changes I need to make, they are within my grasp. I am willing to learn and to change, not just accepting things as they seem to be, but to accept my destiny and to work at it. I have the attitude that I can do and be what I want to be.”

Maria L. – Miami, Florida