Beyond Divorce to Happiness Program (On-line)




-Are you overwhelmed by the break-up of your marriage?

Do feelings of anger, sadness, rejection and hopelessness fill your days?

Do you find it difficult to imagine a life after divorce?


Learn in 6 weeks through the Beyond Divorce to Happiness Program  from the comforts of your own home, how to get through your divorce so you can take charge of your own life and become a confident, happier version of you.

Just imagine:yourself no longer feeling sorry for yourself or missing your ex.

Imagine not reacting when your ex tries to push your button,

Imagine feeling completely in charge of your life and you have a plan for your future,

Imagine being so self-assured and confident that you no longer feel you need to have a significant other in your life but because of the new happier you, people just can’t help being attracted to you.  When you decide to take on a new life partner, it won’t be because you’re needy or dependent – it will be because that person fits into your plan for your life.

Imagine one day, when your life is the way you want it to be and you look back and you will actually thank your ex for ending your marriage.

This is all possible using what you will learn in the Beyond Divorce to Happiness On-Line Program.

Here is what you will get in the 6-week Beyond Divorce to Happiness On-Line Program:

6 Modules:

    • Module 1 – Own your Divorce – learn to navigate the divorce process, understand that you need not remain a victim of your circumstances and make a decision to become a happier version of you.
    • Module 2 – Coping with your Ex – install strategies and communication practices to keep you sane even when dealing with a difficult ex.
    • Module 3 – Being a Single Parent – Learn how to reassure your kids the divorce is not their fault and they are loved.  Show your kids what you expect of them even if the other parent has different or no rules.
    • Alternate Module 3 for Non-Parents – Examine your life before marriage.  What did you give up? What would you like to recover?
    • Module 4 – Release Negative Emotions – Discover how these necgative emotions do you more harm than the person or situation that you resent.  Learn strategies to rid yourself of these damaging emotions.
    • Module 5 – Plan your Future – Divorce is not the end of the world it is the start of a new life which opens up to new opportunities and new relationships.  Learn what to look for and how to attract and be in new relationships.
    • Module 6 – Go Confidently Towards a New Life – Learn how to live your life by design, not default.  Learn the right way to state your dreams, how to test those dreams then learn how you can take action towards your dreams.
  • Each module will be introduced by audio/video recordings,
  • On-line journal to chart your divorce journey,
  • On-line workbook with strategies and mindset exercises to implement each day.
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can communicate with the coach and other participants,
  • A Live coaching call each week with your Beyond Divorce to Happiness Coach to support you on your journey,
  • A Bonus Live Coaching Call on Week 7.
  • A Free Private Strategy Call to plan for What’s next in your life.

Be prepared for your life to be changed.  I promise you: if you participate fully in the program, you will find more reasons to smile than ever before.

Give yourself this gift and register now for the next program.


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