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The objective of this Page  is to provide a safe and helpful environment for support of those experiencing divorce.

As a member of this community, you will:

  • Receive support and give support to other members, so you won’t feel alone,
  • Receive useful tips and guidance from your Divorce to Happiness coach (Rose Pellar) on a variety of topics related to Divorce;
  • Receive answers directly from your coach to your most pressing questions once each week for the life of your membership,
  • Be entitled to receive a special member’s discount for any live workshops/retreats/further coaching programs for the duration of your membership,

As a member of this community, you will be expected  to observe the following guidelines:

  • You will keep confidential any personal information shared on this page,
  • Your comments will not be critical or judgmental of any member or the forum,
  • Any comments deemed by the administrator of this page to be of a racial, radical or sexual nature can lead to termination of your membership without refund,
  • No solicitation or advertisements will be allowed, however you may share events which you believe may be of interest to the group.

Your active involvement as a member of this community will determine the benefits you will receive as a member.  Feel free to ask questions, ask for members’ opinions, seek support and lend support.

Divorce does not have to be a lonely experience.  That is why we are here: to share the experience and to help each other on the journey to happiness.