On June 19, 2018, I launched my new website – https://www.rosepellar.com  and today (September 5, 2018) I am re-launching my website.  Having done that, I expect to meet and inspire many individuals to live the life they love, even if they are now in the midst of divorce and cannot even dare to dream that one day they can be happy.

I was once in that place many, many years ago when my future looked very bleak.  I now look back and realize that the break up of my marriage that long time ago was actually the start of my journey towards a happier life.  My happiness did not happen by accident and I did not do it completely on my own.  The journey was a long one and I had many mentors along the way and I realize that my achievements have been as a result of the many actions I took along the way.

As a result of the lessons I have learned,  I am now determined to help as many women as I can to seize the opportunity that a break-up of a marriage presents to improve themselves and their lives.  Visit my website https://www.rosepellar.com discover the ways in which I can help you.

Naturally, you need not wait for a marriage break-up to spur you on to living your best life.  If you find yourself experiencing a longing – whether it be for a loving relationship, more time, more money, a healthier lifestyle, work that you love – or you are feeling discontented with any or all areas of your life, let me help you with my DreamBuilder Coaching program.