Rose Pellar is a Life Change Coach who is a divorce lawyer with Pellar Family Law.

As a lawyer, Rose assists divorcing individuals to resolve their issues in the most cost-effective and respectful manner.  She also assists individuals to structure their cohabitation agreements and marriage contracts to protect their interests.

As a Life Change Coach, she helps individuals going through divorce to navigate the process to move quickly beyond the pain and overwhelm of their divorce to ultimately find happiness. She has developed this expertise from her own divorce experience, those of her clients from her 20 plus years as a Divorce Lawyer, and from Divorce Recovery Workshops she has facilitated for many years.

With approximately 5 in 10 marriages ending in Divorce, and with the far-reaching effects that divorce can have on the individuals and the children, Rose is dedicated to helping individuals to get through their divorce by providing this forum for exchange of information and support, and access to her resources.

Rose indicates that although many people do make changes after a divorce, many do so without much thought or deliberation and fail to use this opportunity to its fullest potential.

Divorce may be the catalyst for many to make life changes but Rose believes anyone who is not totally satisfied with any area of their lives can take charge of their lives, by making significant changes to live the life they would love, regardless of their gender, age, education or finances.

With her more than 25 years personal development journey with several highly regarded mentors (such as Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Wayne Dyer,  and Mary Morrissey to name a few) her training as a certified coach with LifeSOLUTIONS and her certification as an Action Formula Leader with Professional Impact, Rose is well equipped to help others to make significant positive changes in their lives.  Rose is driven to empowering women take charge of their own lives. She is the author of “A Gift in Every Challenge”

Rose  is now happily re-married, enjoys family life and golf, and is living the life she loves.