Empowering Women to take charge of their own lives

Our mission is to empower women to take charge of their own lives, no matter what challenges (including divorce) life may bring.

This is not just a site for divorcing women, it is a site for women who want to find happiness and to have their dreams fulfilled.  Therefore, our two main focus is Divorce Recovery (moving beyond Divorce to Happiness) and ultimately living the life you would love (DreamBuilder program).

Unfortunately, for many women they think of others first – their spouses, their children, their parents, their employers, etc. – before they give any thought to themselves.  We want to change that.  We want to teach women that it is okay to love themselves and give to themselves first so they can then be happy to give more to others.  For many, unless there is a “shake-up” because of a life event, we do not afford ourselves the time to even evaluate our lives.

Divorce forces us to re-evaluate our lives because our dreams have been shattered.  We thought we were going to “live happily ever after” and there we are having to pick up the pieces and somehow carry on.  Getting over a divorce, having to start over, trying to manage emotionally and financially, re-building our lives and our families will seem like an unwelcome burden. Do not shy away from these tasks.   Divorce, or any other life challenge for that matter, is an opportunity – an opportunity that must be seized and put to good use.  As Rose’s book title states there is indeed A Gift in Every Challenge“.

Many divorced individuals will tell you that when they look back at their divorce, they can honestly say “it was the best thing that could have happened to me“.  Our goal is to help you get to that point where you can say “I am truly happy”.

The information and services offered under the Divorce to Happiness brand has been designed to help you navigate the legal, financial and emotional aspects of your divorce on the road to happiness.  Take advantage of them.

The learning doesn’t stop after recovering from your divorce, and even if you are not divorced, there is a life to be lived.

Remember when you were asked in school or as a very young child “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  You never thought twice when you answered “I want to be a doctor” or “I want to be a teacher” or “I want to be an astronaut”.  You just knew that was what you wanted to be.  You weren’t concerned about what you needed to do to become a doctor, teacher or astronaut.  Nor were you concerned about whether it was even possible.

When we grew up, we began to think more about our limitations such as our gender, our age, our education, our finances, etc.  We focused on all the reasons why we can’t be, do or have what we really would like.  So we stopped dreaming.

Many of us live our lives day to day just dealing with whatever life dishes up for us, not daring to dream, not paying attention to those deep desires which keep calling our names.  One day, hopefully not too soon, we could be on our death beds regretting what we hadn’t done or pursued.  Research among older Americans have found that most did not regret what they had done but what they didn’t do.

So, why not take that trip, write that book, go sky diving, learn to play the piano, change your work and follow your passion? What would you regret not having done before you closed your eyes for the last time?

Are you willing to dare to dream?

No achievement is ever reached without it first being a dream.

Dare to dream and let me be your DreamBuilder Coach.

The content of this website and the services offered are all geared towards helping women lead a happy life.  Feel free to contact us to tell us how we can give you more help.

Here’s to your Happiness.

Rose Pellar – Life Change Coach





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